A square card for the birth announcement of little Lindy.


I designed this flag with a family crest for the Veldhorst residence.
All symbols represent a part of the lives of the residents.


The "Monday Club Poetry book" originated during a (corona) initiative by Heleen Bosma. On several Monday evenings about 25 people came online to write together. Thanks to Heleen's writing exercises, gems of poems and short stories were created out of nowhere. I just had to do something with these beautiful poems and designed this poetry edition. (written in Dutch)


This logo was designed for a massage practice, called "Sensa". Marianne requested a logo with colours purple and blue. The circle fitted her holistic vision. The sans serif letter for "sensa" and playful letter completed the circle and logo.


The logo for (Dutch) was designed for my partner's solar webshop. The blue and green surfaces represent the flexibility of these special solar panels. 


For "rosevecay" I wanted a simple logo, modern logo. Rosevecay is my online name on instagram, Etsy and twitter.


I love to paint and this painting is inspired by the work of "Amedeo Modigliani". 

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